Revel in the sound: Amaranthe at Manchester Academy, UK

Author Sabrina Ramdoyal - 4.4.2024

Fuelled by the excitement of the sold-out Manchester crowd, Swedish titans Amaranthe stood tall as a delightful entity, defying conventional boundaries with their unique fusion of metal and electro-pop. The band’s remarkable vocal trio of Elize Ryd’s ethereal flows provided a smooth contrast to Nils Molin’s traditional singing power, while newcomer and of Engel fame, Mikael Sehlin added further depth with the harsh vocalisations. Complementing the vocal transitions, the instrumentalists of Johan Andreassen’s thunderous basslines and Morten Løwe Sørensen’s relentless drum pace, driving the band’s electrifying performance. Amidst the relentless onslaught, mastermind Olof Mörck wielded his masterful dexterity, conjured the crushing sonic landscape further. What truly set Amaranthe apart from the typical group was their fearless exploration of musical boundaries. Their songs resonated with a universal appeal, connecting listeners from all walks of life and carved a niche for themselves in the contemporary metal music scene.