Photo credit: Jim Louvau

Carnifex releases a new album and a visualizer for the single ‘Cold Dead Summer’

Author Annija Raga - 6.9.2021

The undisputed masters of blackened deathcore, Carnifex, have returned to ignite sonic memories of albums past with the scorch of old-school sound. Recently the band released their eighth studio album via Nuclear Blast Records and in celebration of the album, the band offers the fans the visualizer for the track “Cold Dead Summer”.

With the engineering of the record completed in-house by drummer Shawn Cameron, the band recorded the album at Back Lounge Studios in San Diego, CA almost entirely themselves with the help of Mick Kenney for the mixing and mastering. This process, especially compared to Carnifex’s albums of the past, developed a far more satisfying and concentrated artistic vision for the band. Carnifex enlisted English artist Godmachine, who has worked on the two previous albums, to create the next installment of visual art for “Graveside Confessions”.

Carnifex’s “Graveside Confessions” is no stranger to the harsh world in which it was created. While all of humanity experiences the turmoil of pain, weakness, and betrayal, it is also deeply ingrained in our nature to keep these notions closely protected; to keep them secret. Often as we approach death, we feel an insatiable need to reveal these things to one another; to confess.