Buckcherry cancel the remaining dates of their UK / Europe tour, due to health issues

Author Stefanie Nysand - 7.2.2024

On 23 January 2024, the American rockers Buckcherry began their UK and Europe tour in Bristol, UK. Already the third date in Nottingham, UK had to be cancelled, due to Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd “having an issue with his voice today”. After two successfully completed gigs, the show in Glasgow, Scotland had to be cancelled, too:

“I’m sorry to say that after dealing with this chest infection I picked up 3 days into the tour I am unable to even get through light scales today and I will have to cancel, it’s heartbreaking for me. I tried everything to treat this thing with medicine and, because it’s viral and not bacterial, the only remedy is time. We greatly apologize to our fans in Glasgow […].”

– Josh Todd

After three successfully completed gigs, the completely sold-out show in Milton Keynes, UK could not take place either, and after successfully completing the show in Nuneaton, UK last night, Josh Todd is now pulling the plug:

“It breaks my heart to say I’m gonna have to do the smart thing for my health and pull the plug on the rest of these U.K. + EU shows. After almost 3 weeks of battling this thing through performances and taking numerous drugs to clear it, it’s taken a toll on me and I have no control of my voice until it passes. It takes a lot to take me out. I have sang with strep throat, colds…the list goes on. But, at this point, I have to be careful not to damage myself. I’m very sorry but at some point we will be back. Love to all the kickass BC fans I appreciate the well wishes.”

– Josh Todd