Bruce Springsteen sold his record catalogue to Sony for $500 million

Author Samuel Järvinen - 16.12.2021

Recently, more and more long-standing musicians and bands have started to sell their output for large sums of money to big companies.

This year, for example, it has been reported that singer-songwriters Bob Dylan and Neil Young have sold their own productions for huge sums, and a short while ago Mötley Crüe sold their own catalogue to BMG for $150 million.

Now Rolling Stone and Billboard, among others, report that singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen has sold his own recording catalogue to Sony for $500 million. He sold the master tracks to Sony Music and the publishing rights to Sony Music Publishing.

Springsteen has sold 65 million records in his career in the US alone. Springsteen’s career includes many hits and classic albums, such as the 1984 hit “Born In The U.S.A.”.