Bruce Dickinson recalls lining the studio wall with kegs while recording “The Number Of The Beast”

Author Jad - 4.4.2022

Iron Maiden‘s 1982 album “The Number Of The Beast” is an undeniable classic, and it sounds like the band had a blast recording it too. Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson discussed the recording sessions behind “The Number Of The Beast” in an interview with Consequence, saying he tracked his vocals in a dilapidated kitchen. Dickinson also recalls the band drinking quite heavily into the night until the producer would yell at them to go to bed.

I did most of my vocals in a dilapidated kitchen, so it had been stripped out. There was nothing in there except a load of wet plaster on the walls and me. So to say there was a natural echo would be an understatement. So that was me in there.

Yeah, it was a great experience and there was a kind of a big party atmosphere throughout the whole thing. In fact, we actually made a wall of [kegs]. We actually had the entire wall of the control room was actually a pyramid of kegs of beer that we drunk during the proceedings. We’d be up ’till four or five in the morning just like you know, after we’ve finished recording [and we were] listening back to what we’d recorded until basically the producer said ‘right. You need to go to bed because you’ve got to come back again and do this all again tomorrow.

There was a really great vibe and and we thought ‘this feels special’ and it was.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson