Bruce Dickinson launches new “Psycho Schizo Espresso” podcast with Oxford University professor

Author Samuel Järvinen - 20.10.2021

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has been involved in many things. Now Dickinson has decided to launch a new podcast with Oxford University psychology professor Dr Kevin Dutton.

The podcast is called “Psycho Schizo Espresso”, and according to the brochure it will deal with interesting psychological phenomena. The trailer for the podcast says:

“If psychology was a country, then it would be the world’s top tourist destination bar none. It’s an enchanted territory with something for everyone: from aliens to drug lords, from serial killers to conspiracy theories”

“Join intellectual explorers Bruce Dickinson and Dr. Kevin Dutton for an Indiana Jones style adventure through some of its most far-flung corners as they delve into the psyches of rock icons, sporting superstars, and special forces soldiers and get the latest tips and insights from some of the most respected thought leaders and brain scientists on the planet. If you’ve ever wondered whether psychopaths like Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman really exist outside the imaginations of Hollywood screenwriters and film directors, why ghosts only seem to appear at night, and about the true meaning of the Book of Revelation’s most enduring and enigmatic mystery – 666, the number of the beast – then welcome aboard ‘Flight Psycho Schizo Espresso’ and observe the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign!”

The first episode of the podcast will be released on 30 October.