Born Of Osiris’ Lee McKinney shares new music video for “Overwhelming Love”

Author Flavia Andrade - 26.1.2024

Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney has shared a new solo track, “Overwhelming Love“. It’s the first single from McKinney‘s new album, crafted during both the pandemic and a challenging period afterwards. The effort, “To Those Who Know Pain” will be out later this year.

In McKinney’s words:

I wrote an album from 2020-2023 of the darkest, most vulnerable songs I’ve ever made. These songs were born out of the pandemic, divorce, addiction, a coma, recovery, figuring out who I really am, and learning what truly matters to me at the end of each day.

In my life, that dark chapter had a beautiful ending. The upcoming album is that chapter, and ‘Overwhelming love‘ is that ending. There is so much to come from the record this year, but I wanted to start out on a happy note.

You can check out the single below: