Bloody Falls releases intense and powerful album “Burn The Witch”

Author Maria Goe - 23.11.2021

Released on October 29 through Art Gates Records, “Burn The Witch” is the second album by Finnish extreme metal band Bloody Falls, and the name itself already conveys the essence of the album.

Insurrection” is a song that with weight, darkness and creativity in the riffs, opens the album and already shows all the growing potential of the band. “Soul Ripper” was the album’s first single and it deserves this position, it’s been virtually impossible not to want to mosh since the first scream of Antero Hakala, who performed respectable vocal techniques throughout the album. Vibrant riffs and a “sticky” chorus are important points to be highlighted in this song, as well as in the following track, “A Reason To Live”.

Descend”, “Burn The Witch” and “Last Rites” featured the participation of pop and rock singer Salla Flinkman, which gave a special and modern touch to the masterpiece, due to the vocal variations between the guttural and the clean and feminine vocals.

Self Inflicted Pain” will please the bass players, starting with a groove and having well-marked beats in most part of the song, and sonorously speaking…it sounds like thrash metal in many moments.

Starting off in rhythm, a track “Realm Of The Unseen” misleads the listener, who will probably think it’s a denser and calmer track, but it’s soon broken up with deep riffs and a more modern sound, just like in “Braindead”.

The album ends with “Father Of Sin” and gives us a good summary of the whole album, full of intensity, cutting riffs, vocal passages spoken and not sung, but always managing to balance the album very well, without seeming exaggerated at all.

“Burn the Witch” ends well and leaves the listener clamoring for more!

You can listen to the album full below: