A triumph of aggressive artistry – review of “Amartia” by Bloody Falls

Author Benedetta Baldin - 6.6.2024

Bloody Falls is a Finnish groove melodic death metal band that has recently released its third album “Amartia”. And if you’ve been on Chaoszine before, you will most surely know that we have a particular soft spot for Finnish groups, even more if they create heavy stuff. Bloody Falls ticks all of these requirements, so let’s dive into the release.

Even though I have to admit, reviewing the heavier subgenres of metal is still something I’m not totally an expert in, it’s clear that Bloody Falls don’t mess around. The power, the anger, the intensity that can be felt through the tracks is off the charts; “I Will Be Your End” and “The Curse Of The Mark” are two of the most expressive songs.

Another point in their favour is that they don’t stick to a single subgenre. “Amartia” encompasses multiple influences and inspirations, from black metal to grindcore, from sludge to pure death metal. It’s always a good sign when bands do not compromise and instead explore various combinations: it looks like almost everything worked this time!

I always like to praise the production, mixing and mastering, and this time it won’t be different. Bloody Falls has meticulously crafted a very good product, and it gets better with each listen since more and more details are found throughout the experience. There might be some moments where the melodies are a bit too consistent, but overall this is just a minor flaw; their musicality is usually sophisticated and well-built.

In conclusion, whichever extreme metal subgenre you like, I am quite confident you will also enjoy “Amartia”. From start to finish, this record delivers high-quality Finnish music, with the ferocity and brutality that you need. Bloody Falls don’t just push the boundaries; they obliterate them, leaving a trail of savagery and malevolence.