Biohazard working on new stuff after reuniting

Author Flavia Andrade - 15.8.2023

The reunited classic lineup of Biohazard, featuring Billy Gradziadei (guitar/ vocals), Bobby Hambel (guitar), Danny Schuler (drums) and Evan Seinfeld (bass/ vocals), is now working on new music.

In a recent interview with Le Coin Metal, Bobby has said:

The inspiration’s coming from these shows. Being back together, celebrating and doing all these shows, it’s great. We’re having a good time, but now we’re getting the vibe from the crowd and we’re feeling it, and it’s getting in our bones. We’re getting that hunger and the ideas are starting to come out off of these shows.

Billy added:

For me, it’s kind of cool because the other reason I did Billybio [solo project]  is because there was no Biohazard, and the songs that I would’ve been showing these guys just [became] Billybio songs. So being back with these guys is, like… It’s cool to have another outlet for my music