Before The Dawn unveils new single and music video for “Chains”

Author Hernan Osuna - 16.5.2023

One of the most successful Finnish melodic death metal bands ever, Before The Dawn, are back after their decade-long hiatus and introduces their second new single, “Chains”. You can watch the official music video below.

Since their burial, the group has gained hundreds of thousands of new fans on streaming platforms completely organically, and now, both old and new followers of the band are anxiously awaiting the release of Before The Dawn’s comeback album, “Stormbringers”, on June 30, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Chains” lures the listener with stomping drums and heavy riffs, plus everchanging clean vocals blended with deep growls from talented new vocalist, Voice Of Finland finalist Paavo Laapotti. The groovy new track is introduced with an official music video.

Regarding the new song, the band states: “‘Chains‘ is one the slowest but yet heaviest songs on the album and really shows the diversity of the new vocalist Paavo with full range of clean and growling. Lyrically it is also a lot darker than first single “Destroyers” and fits perfectly to the inner Finnish melancholy of the makers.

Before The Dawn returns with their first new full-length studio album since their hiatus – and stronger than ever. The band originated as Finnish Metal Award-winning Tuomas Saukkonen’s (Wolfheart) solo project, but throughout the years, there have been several lineup changes. With the exciting new lineup, the band introduces its biggest changes so far. Previous guitarist and vocalist Saukkonen has moved behind the drums, and talented Voice Of Finland 2022 finalist Paavo Laapotti has taken on all vocalist duties, while Swallow The Sun’s Juho Räihä – who has been with Before The Dawn since 2006 – performs lead guitar duties. Now, the Finns have fully transformed into their new power and are ready to reconquer the scene.

Before The Dawn on Stormbringers: “Stormbringers breaks a silence that lasted over ten years and brings Before The Dawn back stronger than ever. A decade of gathering strength, growing the hunger and building determination and now it is time for our eighth album to see the light of the day and bring the band back on the road.”

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You can pre-order “Stormbringers” here.