Photo credit: Sami Hinkkanen

”Basically I wanted to sound like my heroes when I started growling” – interview with Mikael Stanne of The Halo Effect / Dark Tranquillity

Author Arto Mäenpää - 11.8.2022

Swedish melodic death metal forefathers Dark Tranquillity hit Finland in July by playing a show at John Smith Rock Festival in Laukaa, Finland.

Chaoszine sat down with the band’s vocalist Mikael Stanne before the show and discussed deeply about his journey as a metal vocalist and how did she ended up growling in the first place. You can check out the new episode of our metal vocalists video series below:

Mikael Stanne’s other band The Halo Effect will be releasing their debut album “Days Of The Lost” tomorrow via Nuclear Blast and you can check out the singles released from the album so far below:

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