At long last, Lokust’s first release “Infidel” is out

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 1.8.2023

I can’t remember an instance where there was so much anticipation about a debut album. Lokust surely knew how to build up expectations and excitement around their music. Have they lived up to the expectations? Let’s find out!

Lokust came to light after guitarists Jeremy Pringsheim and Alexy Khoury collaborated with drummer Kerim Lechner “Krimh” to release an instrumental extreme metal masterpiece entitled “Guiltless”. I can’t deny how impressed I was when I listened to it 4 years ago. I delved into the band’s material, and only found 2 more instrumental pieces: “Eradication: One” and “Parasitic”. It sounded like the band was playing exactly what I wanted to hear, took all my favorite music and merged it into one, giving birth to some music that had it all: brutality, technicality, groove and melody in a perfect balance. The chemistry between both guitarists also hit you in the face as soon as you played those 3 first releases.

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Covid came, and Lokust, like everyone else shut down. However, they were cooking. They gathered musicians, and made the duet a full band. Music written and recorded, and excitement building (at least for me). I did nonetheless wonder how vocals on that music would turn out. It would have all depended on the style.

Fast forward to 2023, and the release of the first single: “Vilified”. Well, it is a great song but not reaching the heights of the three original Lokust masterpieces. The re-release of the album version of “Parasitic” with vocals this time confirmed that singing does have incredible impact on the sound. And although this style of vocals, mid-range screaming, very reminiscent of Randy Blythe at times, is executed to perfection, flawless, it doesn’t necessarily emphasize the more aggressive aspects of the music, but rather shift it to a more epic, melodic kind of mood.

It is undeniable that the talent in this band could propel them to the highest summits of the extreme metal world, and it is admirable how their music can regroup influences such as Decapitated, Revocation, Lamb of God and Gojira all at once.

The album is a solid debut release, metal as it gets, but leaves you hungry for more. As though the band rested on its laurels, and didn’t challenge itself to step out of their comfort zone. Looking forward to see the band touring, and quickly back with more releases.