Asomvel – A night of high octane rock n’ roll in Manchester

Author Jodie Louise - 23.4.2024

A gig for just £10 a ticket? In this economy? A dream for some and a nightmare for others when Asomvel hits Satan’s Hollow in Manchester for a night of excessive volumes and high-octane rock n roll.

A rather small affair, Satan’s Hollow is an interesting venue for a gig. A nightclub by nature, the equipment was crammed onto the circular, makeshift stage with the Marshall wall gaining excited chatter from many of the onlookers.

Hitting the stage at exactly 8 pm, “Red Wine Ride” were a great opener! Kicking off with “Leather And Grit“, the band were flying from the start with synchronised guitar swinging and hair flying everywhere, they brought a wild energy to the small room and their Airbourne influences were clear.

Throughout the set, singer and rhythm man Josh was determined to get the “blood pumping and beer flowing” whilst drummer Kenny looked to be having the time of his life behind the kit! It’s always a blast when the band are having as much as fun as the crowd.

For many new listeners, including myself, the set felt way too short. The music was loud and the vibes were good but alas, the band left us with the lovely parting gift of “Bed Rock” making it clear to everyone in the room that they are the band to watch!

With the main act eagerly anticipated at 9 pm, the race was on to untangle wires and modify the equipment for the show to begin.

Making their way onto the stage, the only appropriate song choice to start the show was “Louder And Louder“! Quickly followed by “Born To Rock N Roll“, they waste no time getting the crowd warmed up into a call and response game, something done a lot throughout the performance.

A little later on, the band play tribute to original member, Jay-Jay Winter with “Stare At Death And Spit“, a fitting sentiment that shows the work they’ve done in maintaining his legacy and the band!

Ironically, around the time they try to start the song “When The World Goes To Hell“, vocalist Ralph begins to really notice the mic problems. After replacing it mid-song and giving the broken one to a kid in the front row, someone shouts “START IT AGAIN” to which he grins and shouts back “Oh yeah? Do the whole set again?”

The lack of space was no matter for the band with members regularly leaving the stage to do a little lap around the venue and interact with fans – all while still playing. It really solidified the feeling that we were just as big a part of the performance as the band themselves!

As the night draws to a close, the band decides they’ll “love us and leave us” with the final song, “The Nightmare Ain’t Over” before making their way over to the merch corner to meet and take photos with everyone.

While I’m sure it was disappointing to be playing a smaller crowd after a sold out show in Glasgow, it definitely wasn’t any quieter and it created an intimate atmosphere that allowed for a more unique and personal experience. It had a relaxed energy, more like a get together than a concert which was something I’ve never experienced before but thoroughly enjoyed whilst being able to chat with the bands afterwards created a good end to a fun night that you didn’t want to miss!

Asomvel Setlist:

  1. Louder & Louder
  2. Born to Rock ’n’ Roll
  3. You Only Die Once
  4. Lawless
  5. Beware the Full Moon
  6. Cold Day in Hell
  7. Outside The Law
  8. Stare at Death & Spit
  9. When You’re Dead Lie Down
  10. Into The Fire
  11. Stone Cold Stare
  12. When the World Goes to Hell
  13. Payback’s a Bitch
  14. Luck Is for Losers
  15. True Believer
  16. World Shaker
  17. The Nightmare Ain’t Over