“As always, you can expect me to shake the ground” – exclusive interview with Tarja Turunen about her “Best Of: Living The Dream” release

Author Julia Suloinen - 1.12.2022

Time goes by so fast, and it’s been already 15 years since the world-famous Finnish nightingale Tarja Turunen started her career as a solo artist. This milestone, surely, deserves to be celebrated, and it will be by the release of the first-ever compilation of “best of” songs, created throughout these years. “Best Of: Living The Dream” album will be released on the 2nd of December and not only it contains the most remarkable 15 songs, chosen by Tarja herself, but also one new song, “Eye Of The Storm”, which has a sudden and captivating background story behind it.

With all her sparkling sincerity Tarja shared this story with Chaoszine, as well as disclosed the secrets of creating the “Circus Life” live video, previously unreleased but soon available as a part of the “Best Of: Living The Dream” limited edition Mediabook and deluxe box set. Besides that, you’ll have a chance to find out what band Tarja dreams to hear covering her song, what recent releases impressed her the most, and how she ended up taking part in a party-like cover of Crewish‘s “Dark Chest Of Wonders”.

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Check out the interview below.

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