Photo: Mark Uyl

Anneke Van Giersbergen plots tour with Heavy Strings project

Author Hernan Osuna - 19.12.2023

Dutch singer-songwriter Anneke Van Giesbergen has announced an upcoming Heavy Strings Tour for May 2024. Check all dates below.

Van Giersbergen will be joined by arranger Ruud Peeters and The Magic Strings.

The vocalist states: “I am super excited to announce that my Heavy Strings project will tour outside The Netherlands as well! As a young girl, I mostly listened to pop music, singing along to Barbra Streisand and Kate Bush, but that all changed when my older brother Jos introduced me to heavy rock. The anthem-like songs, powerful vocals, and dark atmosphere instantly made me a metalhead.

Adds Anekke: “In 2021, a Dutch talk show asked me to perform “Nothing Else Matters” with a string quartet to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Metallica. Arranger Ruud Peeters made a beautiful rendition, and the idea for a new collaboration was born. This tour will feature a broad selection of heavy music, all performed in compelling semi-classical adaptations for string quartet, piano, and voice.

The anthems of Iron Maiden, the melodic rock of Foreigner, the hits of Guns N’ Roses, the classics of Black Sabbath and, of course, her personal heroes Mastodon, they all pass by in beautiful semi-classical arrangements. More info