“Ann Wilson made me realize that girls can do that too” – Lzzy Hale shares her story as a rock vocalist 

Author Arto Mäenpää - 27.6.2023

Halestorm is an American rock band known for their powerful sound, energetic performances, and the remarkable talent of their frontwoman, Lzzy Hale. The band was formed in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, in 1997 when Lzzy and her brother, drummer Arejay Hale, decided to start a music project together.

The siblings, with Lzzy on vocals and guitar and Arejay on drums, were soon joined by guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. With this lineup, Halestorm began honing their skills and crafting their unique hard rock sound.

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Halestorm‘s hard work and dedication paid off when they independently released their debut album, “Halestorm,” in 2009. The album showcased the band’s raw energy, gritty guitar riffs, and Lzzy’s impressive vocal range. Songs like “I Get Off” and “Familiar Taste of Poison” garnered attention, and the album received positive reviews from both fans and critics.

Their breakthrough came with the release of their second album, “The Strange Case Of…” in 2012. The album featured the chart-topping single “Love Bites (So Do I),” which won the band a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. The album showcased Halestorm‘s evolution, incorporating a diverse range of influences while maintaining their signature hard rock edge.

Embracing their reputation as a formidable live act, Halestorm toured extensively, building a loyal fanbase through their captivating performances. They shared stages with renowned rock acts, gaining exposure and earning respect within the rock community.

Halestorm continued to push boundaries and evolve their sound with subsequent releases. In 2015, they released “Into the Wild Life,” an album that showcased their versatility and experimentation. From hard-hitting tracks like “Apocalyptic” to the introspective ballad “Dear Daughter,” the album demonstrated the band’s willingness to explore different musical territories.

Their fourth studio album, “Vicious,” released in 2018, further solidified Halestorm’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. The album featured tracks like “Uncomfortable” and “Black Vultures,” which showcased the band’s trademark intensity and Lzzy’s powerhouse vocals.

Halestorm‘s success extends beyond the studio. They have won numerous awards, including several Loudwire Music Awards and Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Their energetic live performances and Lzzy’s commanding stage presence have made them a favorite among rock fans worldwide.

Looking ahead, Halestorm shows no signs of slowing down. They continue to tour extensively, captivating audiences with their electric performances. Fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming releases, eager to see how the band will further evolve their sound and solidify their place as one of rock music’s most dynamic acts.

Chaoszine sat down with Lzzy Hale before the band’s show at Copenhell festival in Copenhagen, Denmark and discussed her life as a rock vocalist from the very early days of her career to the present. You can check out the latest episode of our metal vocalist video series below:

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You can check out Halestorm‘s latest “Back From The Dead” album in full below: