Photo credit: Léo Xavier

Andreas Kisser’s son Yohan has a band, ANTRVM: new music video out now

Author Flavia Andrade - 23.10.2023

ANTRVM was created to move the Brazilian extreme metal scene with a simple but bold proposal. Following its successful debut, with praise from the public and specialized media, the band returns with its second track,  “A Pound of Flesh”.

The new single marks a fusion of influences, combining elements of death metal with modern thrash metal, resulting in a sound that brings more groove and weight to the EP “Defiler”, which is scheduled for release in late November.

The music video was directed by comedian Rodrigo Fernandes, better known as Jacaré Banguela, with photography and movement direction by Leonardo Benaci.

The lyrics are inspired by the play “The Merchant of Venice”, one of the most famous works by William Shakespeare, which addresses themes such as harm, revenge, justice and love.

Director Jacaré Banguela speaks of the music video:

When Cutrale told me that the lyrics were based on ‘The Merchant Of Venice’, we began to imagine what the contemporary version of this ‘deal for a pound of flesh’ would be like and we looked at the relationship between manager and employee, as well as models on sexy websites. Of universes that, even though they may seem distant, are philosophically similar. It was in this context that we conceived the narrative of the music video.

Vocalist Victor Cutrale comments:

One of the real challenges was to tell this story without falling into vulgarity and at the same time emphasizing the similarity between these types of ‘markets’. Both the business world and professional modeling seek to extract something from their ‘clients’. This is the moment in which we can observe who is willing to pay the price.

You can check out the new video below:

ANTRVM (“An-trum” cf. Latin), means cavity or cave. The project was conceived in November 2020, during a reunion between the friends Victor Cutrale and Victor Henrique, who had known each other for 17 years and had already played together, but never managed to produce original music. In the midst of the pandemic, work meetings were always very cautious and many things were done from a distance. All musicians recorded their parts in their respective homes for safety reasons, only the vocals, by Victor Cutrale, were captured at Loud Factory studio.

The debut EP, “Defiler”, was recorded in September 2021 and will soon be officially released. The songs were composed by Victor Cutrale and Victor Henrique, with the participation of Yohan Kisser. The lyrics were written by Victor Cutrale, Victor Henrique and Thiago Martins (Hatematter). The drums were recorded by Mauricio Weimar and the bass by Ayka Pilli.

Today, the lineup is comprised of Victor Cutrale (ex-Furia Inc) on vocals, Yohan Kisser (Sioux66) and Victor Henrique on guitars, Matt Carrilho (Kryour) on drums, and Bruno Nicolozzi (Worst) on bass. The band is currently preparing to release a series of singles and promote their name on the world stage.