An absolute hurricane of metalcore: I Prevail live in Nottingham, UK

Author Alina Salihbekova - 30.3.2023

After three long years of cancellations and postponements, Brian Burkheiser, Eric Vanlerberghe, Steve Menoian, Dylan Bowman and Gabe Helguera, aka I Prevail, finally made it to the Rock City, Nottingham. Support came from incredible Blind Channel from Finland and Trash Boat from the UK. Blind Channel took the stage first, and some audience members attended the gig only to see them. Their popularity increased significantly after they participated in Eurovision. The performance was fabulous from start to finish. Hopefully, they will come to the UK for a headline tour soon. The second band – Trash Boat – is not new on the UK stage. Seeing them tour with I Prevail was spectacular because the band deserves as much recognition as possible. During “Silence Is Golden“, Eric from I Prevailed joined Trash Boat, which got the crowd stoked. Special shout out to Trash Boat for an incredible cover of Linkin Park‘s “Given Up“! By the time I Prevail came on stage Rock City was fully packed. Each band member was at the top of their abilities. It was an extremely entertaining gig. The band’s signature style and the mix of music genres was excellent example of musicianship and talent. It was worth the three-year-long wait, and we hope to see I Prevail return to the UK.

Blind Channel:

Trash Boat:

I Prevail:

I Prevail Setlist:
1. There’s Fear in Letting Go
2. Body Bag
3. Self-Destruction
4. Bad Things
5. Come and Get It
6. Hurricane
7. Feel Something (ILLENIUM cover)
8. Chop Suey! (System of a Down cover)
9. Breaking Down
10. DOA
11. Choke
12. Deep End
13. Scars
14. Gasoline
15. Bow Down