Photo by John Wins

(A)live celebration – Von Hertzen Brothers live at Tavastia, Helsinki 16.2.

Author John Wins - 23.2.2024

The last time Von Hertzen Brothers had performed was on an acoustic tour last autumn and since then they had been working on a new record, their first live album “Live at Tavastia”, and on the day of release, nothing better than performing live, right?

The cold night of February 16th brought people from all over to the capital, Helsinki, including fans from other countries, and in this cultural mix the legendary Tavastia was packed and waiting for a night that would warm every soul.

When the clock struck 9:30 pm, the intro started, and within minutes the blue lights turned red, bringing the rock and the energy of the five musicians with the sound of New Day Rising.

With a beautiful guitar intro, the hit Flowers Dust moved the audience with waves of hands and then the mysticism that the brothers’ three voices deliver in Kiss a Wish, made everyone sure that the show started in the best possible way.

The five members make their musical quality on stage seem easy, like when they play a second instrument in Day of Reckoning or in harmonious vocal arrangements, with an inspired Mikko von Hertzen, who hypnotizes and creates a trance during I Came for You.

After a brief hello to the audience, mentioning the release of “Live at Tavastia”, which, is the first live album of the band’s career, the show continued with Frozen Butterflies. It is important to say how difficult is to take your eyes off of Sami Kuoppamäki, easily one of the best drummers born in the land of a thousand lakes.

Since All of Sudden, You’re Gone was released, it’s been difficult to describe the power of this song. The serenity of the acoustic guitar, the fans in the front row emulating the music video’s hooray or just the power of an anthem that brings a lot of emotions every single time it is played. After the calm, the storm comes with Long Lost Sailor and its colorful lights bringing a party mode, but also an excitement with Kie von Hertzen’s interactions on vocals in the percussive Coming Home.

Prospect for an Escape brings immersion with a beautiful guitar solo, in addition to the beautiful vocal arrangement. But it is in The Arsonist that one of the main characteristics of a VHB show comes to light: the musicians are constantly having fun on stage! This synergy is reflected in the fans who sing together, for example, in the beautiful choir of Sunday Child.

The instrumental part, already mentioned, is always present through the whole night, whether in Jonne von Hertzen’s excellent bass, both guitars or in Robert Engstrand’s magic with his keys, which all together give life to a great performance of Let Thy Will Be Done.

The return for the encore doesn’t take long, and comes with a heavy version of Miracle, which had a funny little moment with Mikko in the introduction of the song. The ending came with the verses of Peace Patrol, and the certainty that although the night was over, it definitely brought comfort to the mind and heart of every soul inside the sold-out Tavastia.

Just as the parents of the trio of brothers were proud watching the night at the top of the stairs, noticed for Mikko, as was each fan present equally proud, because every time we witness a Von Hertzen Brothers show, it is as if we were part of the family and fortunately this feeling has the perfect live soundtrack every time we meet. Until next time, brothers!

You can listen to Von Hertzen Brothers latest album “Live at Tavastia” here: