After “State of Anarchy” Ghosts From The Past will release new music this spring

Author Benedetta Baldin - 15.1.2024

Ghosts from the Past (GFTP) from Finland released their fourth own song. “State of Anarchy” was released on December 1st on the most common streaming services and on YouTube with a music video. The song is the first of the upcoming releases, which have now been in development for over a year.

GFTP founding member, composer of the song, and director and editor of the music video Lasse Kaunismäki is very satisfied with the results:

We wrote and rehearsed new songs for the band for a long time, so it was nice to finally get material out for others to listen to. As for State, it was immediately clear that I wanted a music video for this that its either playing or “acting”. I ended up with the second one and the first real music video was filmed for the band. Since I already had a script and some kind of plan in my head, I just had to get a few guys in front of the camera and someone to film the whole thing. On the day of the shoot, the guitarist’s another bands rehearsal room were borrowed, which suited the situation better than ours. During the session, I forgot to film about half of the ideas I had before the actual filming and especially in the scenes at the beginning, the gang had trouble keeping their heads together since all it was very much fun. I hope someone else thinks the music video is funny, because at least we had fun filming and editing it