Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent “got along famously” at 2022 Creatures Fest

Author Flavia Andrade - 29.12.2023

In a recent interview with Greg Prato of Ultimate GuitarAce Frehley spoke about his May 2022 live performance with former KISS guitarists Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick at Creatures Fest.

In Frehley‘s words:

It was real interesting. Very few people believe that all these years, I had never met Vinnie Vincent. And it wasn’t because I was trying to avoid him or vice versa. It’s just somehow, somehow, our paths never crossed. But we got along famously. I didn’t realize he was a lot shorter than me. But other than that, he got there and played some nice guitar licks. We jammed together, and it was a fun night. I was there with Vinnie… and I think Peter Criss was there, and Bruce Kulick. I’m really good friends with Bruce.

It’s really funny — I’m friends with all the guys in KISS. Even Eric Singer is a dear friend of mine. And now I’m friends with Vinnie. I never had a problem with any of these people. But for some reason, Paul [Stanley] had a problem with a lot of them. And Gene [Simmons]. But I’d rather not even talk about those guys since they’re retired and their career is winding down while mine is taking off. So, that’s kind of nice.

Frehley was then asked if he would ever consider doing a full tour with Vinnie and/or Bruce. He answered:

I don’t particularly see that happening in the future. I kind of like to run my own show and have my own band. Because think about it — how many solo albums do I have out? And I also do some KISS favorites when I perform. So, it would be really tough to work with other guitar players who also have songs that they’ve written. There wouldn’t be enough time — it would be a three-hour show. And at age 72, I don’t feel like doing a three-hour show. I’m much happier being my own boss and working with people that I enjoy working with. There’s no alcohol allowed backstage, and I surround myself with positive people. Any type of negativity… goodbye. They’re vampires — they drain you. I try to surround myself with positive people, and if you’re getting loaded or you’re doing drugs, you’re gone.

Frehley‘s upcoming solo album, “10,000 Volts”, will be out on February 23, 2024 via MNRK Music Group (formerly eOne Music).