According to Max Cavalera, the new Soulfly album will feature a mysterious visitor: “He’s a very old-school metalhead”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.4.2022

Soulfly, fronted by Sepultura’s ex-vocalist Max Cavalera, will release a new studio album in July, according to preliminary information. It will be the follow-up to the 2018 album “Ritual”.

In a recent episode of the Rez Metal podcast, Cavalera talks a little about the genesis of the album:

“I’m in a really good state of mind musically right now. I’m very inspired. I think in general the underground movement is really bursting right now with a lot of great bands. There’s a lot of really killer metal being done. And I’m really in contact and involved with a lot of these bands. And I think that kind of motivated me to work on this new Soulflyrecord.

“It was created a little bit different. The majority was just me and my son Zyon [Cavalera, Soulfly drummer] playing together, so we kind of wrote the bulk of the material. And then I had a great producer friend, Arthur Rizk; he worked with Power Trip and Code Orange. Arthur is great, man. And I was curious how Arthur would make a Soulfly record sound if he was in charge [of] it. And we created something that, to me, feels kind of like… It’s almost like a biography of Max music. We cover everything from the early days all the way… So there’s some black metal things, there’s some death and thrash, there’s some groove metal — there’s everything. So the record really goes deep into all different areas of metal. So because of that, the album feels very diverse. At the end of the day, I just wanted to make a solid, full-on attitude record that just says, ‘We’re here to fuck shit up.’ This is what we do. This is why I love playing metal, because of the energy it gives me.”

According to Cavalera, the album will also feature a guest, whose identity he refuses to reveal yet.

 “I do, but I wanna keep it a secret, man. He’s a cool guy. I’ll tell you — he’s a very old-school metalhead. That’s as much as I can say. But I think people are gonna really dig it.”