Aborted break the “Vault of Horrors” open to unleash chaos

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 8.3.2024

At a loss of words at the sight of the sheer brutality of this 9th Aborted masterpiece. “Vault of Horror” really pushes the boundaries of death metal to their paroxysm, involving incredible technique, seamless precision, and absolute virtuosity.

The Belgian band continues to pierce its way into the pantheon of extreme metal with yet another lesson in modern death metal. With his signature machine drumming, Ken Bedene transcends the rules of extreme metal drumming to splash us with his incredible pace, technique and groove, joining forces with his fellow musicians to spawn a brutal oeuvre that lays waste to the world of extreme metal where violence reigns supreme.

Here, speed meets groove, breakdowns meet melody, and blast beats meet an incredibly violent barked voice. Speaking of vocals, this release incorporates a wide range of different vocal styles, as there is one invitee per song, collaborating with Sven de Caluwé to add spice to the mix. A variety of vocal maters, ranging from Benighted’s Julien Truchan, to Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Francesco Paoli, passing by Oliver Rae Aleron from Archspire and Matt McGachy from Cryptopsy to present a tapestry of various singing styles to add more edge to Aborted’s already crushing masterpiece.

In terms of the production, Dave Otero works his magic in delivering the most crushing of guitar tones, sharp as you like. He did his best to bring out Aborted’s core, and he did so very successfully to deliver  a genuinely violent release that perfectly encapsulates brutal death metal.

A statement, and a testament to Aborted‘s power to propulse then higher up the ranks, and establish them deep within the extreme metal scene.


1. Dreadbringer
2. Condemned to Rot
3. Brotherhood of Sleep
4. Death Cult
5. Hellbound
6. Insect Politics
7. The Golgothan
8. The Shape of Hate
9. Naturom Demonto
10. Malevolent Haze