A piece of history is gone: the club where Dimebag Darrell was killed has been demolished

Author Samuel Järvinen - 8.12.2021

A sad piece of metal music history has now been wiped off the face of the earth. The Alrosa Villa nightclub in Ohio has been demolished. The club is infamous for the shooting death of Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for the metal band Pantera.

The nightclub is to be replaced by affordable housing.

Darrell Lance Abbott, aka Dimebag Darrell, was shot dead during a concert by his band Damageplan in December 2004. In a horrific incident, security guard Jeffrey Thompson, audience member Nathan Bray and nightclub employee Erin Halk were also killed. The band’s manager Christopher Paluska and technician John Brooks were injured.

Over the years, the club has hosted acts such as The Who, Dream Theater and Slipknot.

Video footage of the demolition site can be seen below.