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A new unauthorized book about Iron Maiden titled “Hallowed By Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible” to be released in October

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 13.6.2024

Schiffer Publishing, a family-owned publisher in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., has announced the release date of the book “Hallowed By Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible”, a book which gives a completely new and intimate view into the worldwide famous and beloved British band Iron Maiden. Fans can purchase the book from October 28th of this year on.

The book was written by Martin Popoff, music critic, journalist and former Editor-In-Chief for Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Canada’s foremost heavy-metal publication. The journalist has written over 100 books on heavy metal, hard rock, rock, punk etc., talking about famous bands like Kiss, Pink Floyd etc..

This new book by Martin Popoff is described as an Iron Maiden Bible, where “readers embark on a thrilling journey through the tumultuous history of one of the world’s most legendary heavy-metal bands” (

The author has had the privilege to enter the private world of Iron Maiden, the word behind the public, into the band’s life from the beginnings to the now. Martin Popoff talked to band members, managers and had an exclusive look into the band’s archives. The book talks about the band’s starting point and the small shows in East London to their life on the road years later, playing bigger and bigger shows, getting more and more recognition as the time goes by. It gives a view into Iron Maiden’s creative process writing their music, into their songwriting, but also into what is happening on tour and backstage of their shows. Readers will be able to deep more into the stories that shaped the band’s music, as well as the band’s controversies and triumphs. This book is a celebration and tribute to this legendary heavy-metal band whose music inspired and still inspires people of all over the world.

In addition to this book, which can be purchased for $59,99, fans can purchase a limited edition print slip-cased Beast Edition for $250. This limited edition will only have 666 copies, which will only be available through This limited edition includes the following features:

  • Each edition is individually numbered on an etched metal plate (numbers will be shipped at random and can not be custom ordered or selected)
  • Slip case packaging
  • Black, edge-printed pages and bifurcated ribbon marker
  • Bound in stamped leather with ribbed spine and metal corners