A new level of power, it’s a “Showdown” from Rise of The Northstar

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 5.6.2023

It’s a showdown. The album wears its title to perfection as the French band shows down a vulgar display of hardcore metal, and a new level of power.

Tuning the guitars significantly lower than their previous material, the riffs remain as punchy as they ever were, and Rise of the Northstar establish themselves as a reference in the modern hardcore metal scene, with the powerful barked vocals that bite you in the face when you put the album on.

The caveman breakdowns are now meddled with groovy riffs, reminiscent of early 00s Nu-Metal jumpdafuckup vibes, while the Japan-based band still doesn’t shy away from exposing the full extent of its technical ability with face melting solos, spawning a final product that englobes multiple different influences that enhance that new eclectic approach to hardcore, making it more than just a collection of neurons smashing breakdowns.

So it makes for a unique mix of Nu-Metal, thrash metal, groove metal, rapping the lyrics, and it still leaves room for some experimentation. Indeed, the song entitled “One Love” gives room to some singing vocals, and epic melodic choruses that are so catchy you can’t help but sing along.

At this point, it is needless to point out the quality of the production as it enhances the thick and chuggy guitar tone, slaps your face with the bass and lacerates your ears with each bang on the snare drum. An all round consistent album that fits perfectly into Rise of the Northstar’s discography, and secures them headline spots at the summer festival season.