Photo: Adriana Dobrin

A diverse death metal night with Numento and Pahan Ikoni

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 29.6.2024

On June 13th female fronted progressive death metal band Numento joined forces with trash/death metal band Pahan Ikoni to an exciting and thrilling night at On the Rocks in Helsinki. Pahan Ikoni opened the night with full force! The band from Helsinki released their first full-length album “Ikonoklasti” in 2022 and keeps crashing the stage from then on. The band Numento, next on stage, did definitely not disappoint. They released their third album titled “The Antimatter Fantasy” this month. The band played amazingly live, having an enormous musical spectrum and a singer who stunned with both her clear vocals and growls.

Check the photos of the night below:

Pahan Ikoni


Photos: Adriana Dobrin & Lucia Bellapianta