10 most anticipated metal releases of July

Author Maria Goe - 5.7.2022

Check out the list with the 10 metal albums that will be released in July, to keep you on top of the main news and not miss any releases!
Municipal Waste – “Electrified Brain”

“Electrified Brain” is the seventh studio album by veteran crossover/thrash metal band Municipal Waste, and was released on July 1 via Nuclear Blast Records.

municipal waste

Shinedown – “Planet Zero”

Shinedown released their newest album “Planet Zero” on July 1st, on digital platforms by Atlantic Records, and reaches the world addressing aspects such as the complicated side of social networks, such as cancellation culture and toxic behaviors.

Witchery  – “Nightside”

Swedish blackened thrash metal pioneers will release their eighth studio album, “Nightside”, on July 22 via Century Media Records.


Imperial Triumphant – “Spirit of Ecstasy”

Scheduled for release on July 22 via Century Media Records, “Spirit of Ecstasy” is the fifth studio album by American experimental metal band Imperial Triumphant.

Imperial Triumphant

Oceans of Slumber –  “Starlight and Ash”

Texas progressive metal band Oceans Of Slumber will release their newest studio album “Starlight and Ash” on Century Media Records on July 22nd.


Krisiun – “Mortem Solis”

Brazilian trio of giants Krisiun will release their twelfth studio album entitled “Mortem Solis” on July 29 via Century Media Records.

Powerwolf – The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event 

German power metal band Powerwolf celebrates their live debut through the cinematic streaming event The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event, which will be released in multiple physical formats on July 8 via Napalm Records.


Journey – “Freedom” 

Classic rock ‘n’ roll veterans Journey gear up for the release of their fifteenth full length “Freedom” on July 8th.


Conjurer  – “Páthos”

Released by Nuclear Blast Records on July 1st, “Páthos” is the newest and long-awaited new album by British metal band Conjurer.


Horizon Ignited – “Towards the Dying Lands”

Horizon Ignited is one of the great promises of Finnish melodic death metal and released on July 3rd his second album “Towards The Dying Lands”, his debut album with Nuclear Blast Records. 

Horizon Ignited