Zoltan Bathory explains why he isn’t in touch with former members of Five Finger Death Punch

Author Arto Mäenpää - 25.4.2024

In a recent conversation with Loaded Radio, Zoltan Bathory, the founder and guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, delved into the topic of his current relationship with former bandmates like guitarist Jason Hook and drummer Jeremy Spencer. Bathory’s reflections shed light on the transient nature of life within the fast-paced world of touring and musical endeavors.

When questioned about staying in touch with ex-bandmates, Bathory acknowledged occasional communication, particularly with Jeremy Spencer. However, he emphasized the natural progression of relationships within the band dynamic, stating that departures were prompted by reasons that warranted them. There’s no lingering animosity; instead, it’s about recognizing that everyone involved is a mature professional.

Bathory likened Five Finger Death Punch to a bullet train, illustrating how once someone steps off the platform, they’re left far behind. The whirlwind nature of touring life, with its constant movement and rapid evolution, makes it challenging to maintain connections from the past. Bathory elucidated how daily occurrences blur into a continuous stream of activity, making yesterday’s events seem distant and insignificant in the face of the present.

He elaborated on the transformative effect of touring life, noting that individuals evolve rapidly within such a high-speed environment. As the band traverses the globe, experiences shape them into different people with shifting perspectives and priorities. Consequently, growing apart from former bandmates happens swiftly due to the accelerated pace of change inherent in their lifestyle.

In essence, Bathory’s insights underscore the transient nature of relationships within Five Finger Death Punch and highlight the profound impact of touring life on personal growth and interpersonal dynamics. While connections may fade with distance and time, the band continues its forward trajectory, embracing the constant evolution that defines their journey.