Worst Christmas ever: snowstorm leaves dozens stranded in pub with Oasis tribute act

Author Jad - 1.12.2021

Patrons at the UK’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, are presumed to be in good spirits despite being snowed in with an Oasis tribute act

Dozens of patrons at the UK’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn on Yorkshire’s Pennine moors, were stranded at 1732 feet above sea level over the weekend. With an Oasis tribute act.  

The unlucky punters had attended a performance by long-running copyists Noasis on Friday night, but a severe snowstorm meant that none were able to leave. Local search and rescue teams helped extricate a man who required medical treatment, but the rest remained, presumably enjoying “Don’t Look Back In Anger” for the 84th time. 

Much like the stories of those kids in stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand in 2018, or the Chilean miners trapped after the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, news of the beleaguered drinkers took the world’s media by storm, with column inches and valuable airtime being given over to their plight.

From Rolling Stone to the New York Times, the Snoasis drama – as it swiftly became know – was relayed to the world real time. Entire nations held their breath, possibly. And while most of the marooned boozers were able to leave the pub on Monday evening, the story kept snowballing. CNN did a segment. So did Sky News. Channel 5. ITV. German and Italian newspapers took up the story. Websites as far away as Australia and New Zealand got in on the action. And so have we, albeit after all the excitement has died down.  

The Inn’s social media team, if they have such a thing, took to Facebook to capitalise on the drama, gleefully posting updates every time another media outlet reported the story. And it might not end here.

“There is a rumour of a few big guys in the States talking to the owners that might be looking to do a film about the event,” they say. 

Thanks to everyone for your messages of support, thanks to everyone for the camaraderie within the venue, said Noasis, after finally being allowed to leave the building.

Thanks to Mike, Nicola the venue manager and her wonderful staff for looking after us all and thanks to Kendal mountain rescue for all of their assistance. If we’ve forgotten anyone then a big thank you to you too!

We’re just glad everyone’s safe. Thoughts and prayers, etc. 

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