Within Temptation to launch new single “Wireless”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 25.4.2023

Dutch band Within Temptation is set to return with a new single. The next work will be called “Wireless” and is expected on 19 May. A blazing summer, then, as stated by the members themselves headed by singer Sharon Den Adel:

“Wireless” is a fiery and heavy song that marks the start of a new era — an era in which we keep our WT DNA alive, but build upon with contemporary bombastic riffs, breakdowns, and epic choruses.

– Within Temptation

It was the group’s front-woman herself who had anticipated these style changes, during an interview for the Italian radio program Linea Rock. Amiably interacting with Barbara Caserta, Sharon explained:

We already decided before we had the pandemic to do it this way. A lot of music scenes already do this — music genres, actually — but in the rock (world), we still do a lot of the traditional way of releasing albums. And we just wanted to try this out. And then the pandemic happened, and everybody started doing the same thing. Which is a good thing, because you live in the moment and you write something and you release it… So this is really how we feel at the moment, and it’s what we’re reflecting with our music, I think. It’s a good thing.

– Sharon Den Adel

That’s not all. We also have official artwork for the upcoming single, with a rather dark and old-style design:

And here’s the complete Linea Rock’s interview with Sharon Den Adel: