”With solo shows I always try to connect more with the audience” – interview with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin

Author Arto Mäenpää - 29.10.2022

US alternative rockers RED are currently touring in Europe with Keith Wallen (Breaking Benjamin) playing as a support act. The band’s played a show at Olympia-Kortteli in Tampere, Finland on October 23rd and after the show the tour continued to travel to Sweden where they played the next show on the 25th of October.

After meeting Keith Wallen briefly at the Olympia-Kortteli gig we decided to hop on an interview and discuss about the current tour, Wallen’s great “This World Or The Next” solo album as well as what is happening in the Breaking Benjamin camp at the moment in terms of new music and tours. You can check out the entire video interview below:

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You can check out Keith Wallen‘s latest solo album “This World Or The Next” below: