“When I have an idea about a (vocal) part and if I feel like I don’t get anywhere, I try to image what an artist like Freddie Mercury would do” – Interview with Blind Guadian´s Hansi Kürsch

Author Arto Mäenpää - 29.11.2022

We had a fun chat with German vocalist Hansi Kürsch about his journey as a metal frontman, how he got into metal and went from guitarist to bassist/vocalist to finally became a pure frontman with his main band Blind Guardian. We discuss the evolution of the vocal arrangements throughout Blind Guardian’s discography, his influences as a vocalist and the top three albums he is most proud of. Hansi gives some advice for young singers and how to stay vocally in good shape on the road. Also, he tells us about Blind Guardian’s plans for next year, including tour dates in Europe and South America supporting their newest album “The God Machine”, released last September via Nuclear Blast Records. You can check out the entire video interview below:

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