“We’re in the middle of recording a mini-LP to be released later this year” – interview with The Crypt

Author Benedetta Baldin - 9.5.2024

One of the perhaps lesser-known projects of Leif Edling (Candlemass) is The Crypt, and we have chatted with their lead singer Pepper about their future projects, their influences and their creative process. The Swedish ensemble is developing a concept centered around a metal priestess, Their debut album was about darkness, death, and the undead, and recently they have released a new single “Night Of The Devil” that follows the same themes.

Hello. How has the spring of 2024 started for you and the band?

Pepper Potemkin: The spring has started off with a recording of a few new songs for a release in the fall/ winter later this year. We also have had a couple of gigs in Sweden.

The story of The Crypt began in 2021. Could you tell us a little bit about where did you get the inspiration to form a band and how did you get the legendary Leif Edling involved with it? Did the vision for the band come from you and was this idea circulating for a long time before you finally decided to pursue it?

Pepper Potemkin: Actually the story began earlier than that. We began the recording of the album at the end of 2019. At last, it will be released this year on the 25th of May. The original plan was to release the album in 2020 but then the plague struck and we decided to wait it out for a bit before we released the first single “Into the Crypt” in 2021 for the world to be known. It was Leif’s brainchild from the beginning and he handpicked me to be the lead singer of the band. Since he has a lot of work with Candlemass it was never meant for him to be a part of the band so me and the other members have worked with the band for a couple of years.

I must say that the album sounds very strong. Did you have a clear vision musically where you wanted to take the band with the debut album?

Pepper Potemkin: Thanks, yes I think there are some very strong songs on the album. Leif had a clear vision of what he wanted The Crypt to sound like.

Where have you taken the main influences as a band?

Pepper Potemkin: I would say there are a lot of different influences. Of course, Candlemass is one, but also 80s Accept, The Plasmatics, Demon, Pentagram etc.

The lyrics on the album are about a Metal Priestess. Where did you get the inspiration to the lyrical side of the album and is the album a concept album or just separate songs?

Pepper Potemkin: Actually the lyrics is all from the mind of Leif Edling so I can ́t really tell you anything about them. For me the songs are about, the metal priestess or queen of shadows…I have already gathered a lot of names…haha! Everything is taking place in another dimension somehow….a world unseen for most of you.

I really like the visual aspects of your band. Did it take a long time visually to find the right kind of outfits for the Priestess? Where did you draw inspiration to it?

Pepper Potemkin: Since I have been a performer in the burlesque world for many years I have a lot of costumes and love to collect pieces I like. The lyrics and the vibe around the music helped me to visualize what I wanted it to look like for now. I have bigger visions but It needs more planning and money, [laughs].

Obviously, the band is still quite unknown in Finland so how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard about it before?

Pepper Potemkin: If you mix old-school heavy metal with groovy tunes and add some occult on top of it you get The Crypt.

What does the future hold for the band? Do you plan on touring as much as possible with the album and is there already the next album lurking on the horizon?

Pepper Potemkin: As I told you before we’re in the middle of recording a mini-LP and the plan is to release it later this fall/ winter.
And we have just signed with a booking agency so hopefully we have some touring to look forward to in the future to come.

Thanks a lot for your time and all the best for the release of the upcoming album. Anything you want to say as a closure to the readers of Chaoszine?

Pepper Potemkin: Make sure to listen and spread our music and all that is the Crypt around the world and I hope to see you in front of our stage real soon. Thank you!