Photo credit: Tino-Viljami Vanhala

Weightless World to release new album “Sleepwalker”, share new single

Author Flavia Andrade - 8.9.2023

Finnish melodic metal quintet Weightless World has patiently but steadily prepared the launch of their second album. Now they’re ready to announce exciting news: “Sleepwalker”, a successor to their debut album “The End Of Beginning” released in 2019, will finally be released on November 09, 2023. The album will be released by the band on their own with a collaboration of Inverse Records and Ginger Vine Management.

The band has also released their new single “Pitch-Black Rainbow“, which showcases the band’s calmer side after previous racier singles.

Drummer Kari Rannila shares his thoughts about the song:

Pitch-Black Rainbow’ is a song that is supposed to calm the vibe and give vocals more space to shine. The atmosphere, vocals and instrumentation still roll in a way that it can’t be described as a traditional ballad but for me, it’s still one of the finest pieces on the new album.

The song’s origin goes back to 2021 when the guitarists Juuso Oinonen and Valtteri Viinikka with the bass player Tino Kantoluoto were at Viinikka’s cabin in Pihlajavesi and Oinonen presented the unfinished piece. According to Oinonen there was some luck involved with the making of the song since the piece was almost ditched by him. However, after presenting the piece ‘close to nature’ it got some wind under its wings and became alive. Viinikka describes it: ‘the plainness and a feel of space’ was a favorable thing for creating more layers and also getting the vocals in front. And at the end, the producer and mixer Tuomas Kokko provided the final touch as a slight surprise.

In Viinikka’s words:

The rhythmic sound of a bell heard in verses was a gift from him that after a while of accustoming became a natural part of the song.

As for the lyrics, vocalist Perttu Korhonen used experiences from his past and struggles involved in mental growth. He says:

It’s a song about my last existential crisis. The moment was brief but also intensive enough to leave a mark for years and implementing that feeling for this song felt so natural and didn’t take too long.

You can watch the lyric video below: