“We want true thrash fans to discover and appreciate our sound”: Frank Gasparotto talks Sacrifix

Author Daniel Agapito - 8.7.2024

Started a bit before the pandemic, in the depths of the Brazilian underground, Sacrifix, led by multi-instrumentalist Frank Gasparotto, aims to bring back the essence of old-school thrash metal, with no ifs, ands nor buts. Chaoszine managed a quick chat with Frank to discuss everything from their latest release, “Killing Machine”, to the early days of the band, back when it was only Frank.

Sacrifix actually started as a solo project, right? Could you explain a bit about how the band got started?

Frank Gasparotto: Actually, the idea for Sacrifix was never to be a solo project or a “one man band”. I always intended to have a band with me. The problem was that since I started Sacrifix during the pandemic, I couldn’t really go after people to finish the recordings, etc. So basically, I did everything alone. Of course, the band was conceived by me; these were riffs that I had saved for a long time, and I always wanted to return to making thrash metal. I’ve always had the desire to record an album alone, so you could say the timing of the pandemic worked out.

When did you realize it would be a good idea to bring more people into the project? Would you say that now that it’s no longer a solo project, you’re able to reach greater heights?

Frank Gasparotto: As I mentioned before, the idea of the band was never to be a solo project, but it really started to take on the shape of a band with the current members joining. They are extremely committed guys who truly love playing Sacrifix‘s songs. As for reaching greater heights, it’s important to stay grounded and take one step at a time. Basically, the band hit the road in this year; we had a year of pandemic in 2022 with no shows, no fixed lineup, and in 2023 we did 2 shows.

Where did the idea come from to want to revive the best of older thrash?

Frank Gasparotto: I’ve always been a huge fan of thrash metal; it’s my favorite style, and I’ve been listening to this music since I was about 12 years old. So, you could say thrash is in my DNA, and I’ve always wanted to create the kind of thrash that I’m a fan of— something raw, without too much melody or overly upbeat. I lean towards thrash that edges towards death metal, like “Hell Awaits” (Slayer), “Schizophrenia” (Sepultura), and “Tapping The Vein” (Sodom), which are good examples of the type of the music that I admire. I’ve always wanted to create songs that, if I heard them, would instantly turn me into a fan of the band. That’s what I try to achieve with Sacrifix.

You mentioned that you “don’t want to be just ‘another’ band… but rather do it in the most intense, vigorous, and violent way possible, respecting the origins of the style, without fuss or star behavior.” Could you elaborate on that?

Frank Gasparotto: This statement reflects our approach to the current state of thrash metal. There has been a new wave of thrash metal bands, but many of them sound very similar—same drum tones, guitar tones, and a plastic-like production. We don’t want to conform to that with Sacrifix. We’re not aiming to please everyone; we want true thrash fans to discover and appreciate our sound. In recent years, most bands have followed a recipe, a formula, and we refuse to follow those molds. We want to do things like they used to be done — Sodom is nothing like Kreator, which is nothing like Slayer, and nothing like Anthrax, for example. Each of them, despite being thrash, have their own identity, and that’s what makes them unique.

How would you say Sacrifix evolved from “World Decay 19” (2021) to “Killing Machine” (2023)?

Frank Gasparotto: In a somewhat deliberate and calculated manner. With “Killing Machine,” I wanted to take a step forward in the compositions while maintaining the rawness of “World Decay 19.” I paid more attention to details such as solos, vocal arrangements, and the overall structure of the songs. In general, I believe I achieved that; “Killing Machine” is a more mature album that shows different facets of Sacrifix. However, throughout this evolution, I’ve always aimed to preserve the essence of old-school thrash. As I’ve always said, I have no intention or desire to experiment with the band’s sound. If I ever want to explore different styles, it would be in another band. Sacrifix was forged to be pure thrash metal!

What are Sacrifix’s plans now?

Frank Gasparotto: Right now, we’re focusing on playing live as much as we can, and we’re about to release our first single with the new lineup. We’re really excited about that. Additionally, the plan is to release a full album in 2025. The songs are already in pre-production and they sound just as they should —OLD SCHOOL. Of course, with Fabio on drums and Filipe on bass, things have changed a bit as they’ve brought their own influences into the songs, which has made the sound even more interesting. We’re really looking forward to releasing the new album as soon as possible.

Anything else you’d like to share with the readers of Chaoszine?

Frank Gasparotto: I just want to express my gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you very much for the support and interest in Sacrifix. I invite everyone to follow us on social media (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube): @sacrifixofficial. Keep on thrashing in this rotten world!