“We like songs like “The Bad Touch” to make a party in our own world” – Hauptmann from Feuerschwanz about the upcoming cover-album “Todsünden”

Author Julia Suloinen - 29.12.2022

Feuerschwanz is the band that grabs more and more listeners’ attention due to their first-class quality folk-metal music on one hand, and quite a humorous approach – on another. And it all works not only for the original songs of the band but also for the cover they produce. Both Feuerschwanz albums contained many awesome cover songs as bonus tracks, so putting them into a compilation on a separate album (with two, freshly new, covers added) sounds pretty logical and awesome.

Cheerful and positive Hauptmann Feuerschwanz himself chatted with Chaoszine about the upcoming cover album and shared his recipe for creating a good cover song as well as named one band he got feedback from, and also revealed his favourite historical character and what would he generally do if he found himself in medieval times.

To find out all this and something more check out the interview below.

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