“We are preparing a tour for the release of our new EP” – interview with Unethical Dogma

Author Benedetta Baldin - 9.2.2024

If you’re a fan of djent, then you can’t miss to discover this Italian band called Unethical Dogma. They have recently released an EP, and we chatted about this with them.

Hi guys, how are you doing at this time?

Unethical Dogma: Hello everyone, we are fine, thank you. It is a period full of the news; we have just released our first EP “DUSK” which contains 5 songs: “INSOMNIA“, “PARALYSIS“, “TEARS“, “SMILES” and “JAYNE“. We are also preparing a tour for the release of “DUSK” that will take place mainly in northern Italy.

If you had to describe Unethical Dogma to someone who doesn’t know them with 3 adjectives, which ones would you use?

Unethical Dogma: Having to choose three would probably be dreamers, go-getters, and pragmatists.

You have released singles in recent months: what can we expect from you in 2024? 

Unethical Dogma: As mentioned last year three singles were released and this year in January our EP. Being that everything we have composed so far is part of a concept, we can tell you that when it gets hot there will be news from us.

Can you share with us your creative process?

Unethical Dogma: Each member of Unethical Dogma has different main inspirations. David composes music taking inspiration from bands like Meshuggah, so that is the starting point. Then Thomas, takes the songs into another context, writing solos with different tastes and purposes, related to the plot and atmosphere of the song. Ginger, who inspires his style from Gavin Harrison, Mario Duplantier, and Tomas Haake, sweeps the drum parts using varied and sometimes unusual grooves, supported by Francis’s bass, which at times takes space in some of the lead parts. Eventually, James uses clean vocals, screams, and growls, drawing inspiration from Sleep Token, Loathe, and the deathcore scene, in general, to further expand the sonic repertoire, emphasizing sections of the songs by choosing the most suitable techniques and emotionality.

Can you tell us a funny moment that happened while recording one of your pieces?

Unethical Dogma: A funny moment we can relate to happened while Jack was recording the vocal parts, one day while recording “JAYNE” Frank (the bass player) came into the studio and recorded two seconds of a vocal track receiving compliments and applause from the other band members, while Jack in the whole day of recording had not received half a compliment.

Since Chaoszine is a Finnish webzine, are there any bands from Finland that you draw inspiration from?

Unethical Dogma: As inspirational bands, we can mainly mention Meshuggah, Leprous, Tesseract, Monuments, and Opeth; so as far as the region is concerned, we were mainly inspired by Sweden and Norway as opposed to Finland.

Has the pandemic had any negative or positive effects on your projects?

Unethical Dogma: The main positive effect was that it limited all the projects that the various band members had prior to their joining Unethical Dogma, which prompted us to unite and create a project from scratch. But in general, we can’t say that it affected the band too much.

I love pancakes: what do you usually eat for breakfast?

Unethical Dogma: Everyone eats a different diet, some for habit reasons and some for training reasons, so it is difficult to talk about one food. Some people just drink coffee while others eat full breakfasts.

I wanted to play a little game with you if you would like. Since you are from Venice: if there were a pirate and a ninja fighting, who would win the duel?

Unethical Dogma: Undoubtedly the ninja because the pirate at any time of day would be drunk and unable to engage in an equal duel with someone who has received combat training equal to a ninja.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Would you like to add anything else to Chaoszine readers?

Unethical Dogma: Thank you for wanting to include us in your magazine, we just add to go and follow us in all our socials and listen to the songs that deserve it. Also, we hope to see you as soon as possible in Finland!