Watch Devin Townsend kick off ‘Greatest Set Of My Life’ at London’s Royal Albert Hall, day 1

Author Jad - 18.4.2022

A couple nights ago (Saturday, April 16), Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Devin Townsend played the first of two shows at London, England’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. The two dates, which are part of Townsend’s European tour, were being promoted as ‘The Greatest Sets Of My Life’, with Devin previously promising to play “my favorites, your favorites and a bunch of hardly played songs.”

The setlist went as follows:

01. Failure (Devin Townsend Project)
02 Kingdom
03. Hyperdrive
04. By Your Command
05. Life
06. Aftermath (Strapping Young Lad)
07. Regulator
08. Deadhead (Devin Townsend Project)
09. Deep Peace
10. Ih-Ah! (Devin Townsend Project) (acoustic version)
11. Why?
12. March Of The Poozers
13. More! (Devin Townsend Project)
14. Juular (Devin Townsend Project)
15. Supercrush! (Devin Townsend Project)
16. Love? (Strapping Young Lad)


17. Spirits Will Collide
18. Vampira (The Devin Townsend Band)
19. Detox (Strapping Young Lad)