Photo credit: Erica Vincent Photos

Watch Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) perform at first ever solo show

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 18.6.2024

The founding member and ex singer of the band Fear Factory, Burton C. Bell, played his first ever solo show last week in Los Angeles. The singer split from his band in 2020. Now in his first solo show he was backed by guitarist Henrik Linde (the Vitals, Dren), bassist Tony Baumeister (ÆGES), drummer Ryan Junior Kittlitz (All Hail the Yeti, the Acid Helps) and multi-instrumentalist Stewart Cararas. The set saw him playing songs of his former band Fear Factory, as well as covers of bands (Rammstein, G//Z/R, Ascension of the Watchers), but also new solo material, such as his debut original song “Anti-Droid” and a new unreleased song titled “Technical Exorcism”.