Wargasm will go live from a tank graveyard in the outskirts of London performing their album ‘Venom’ in its entirety

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.7.2024

Teaming up with some crazy Norwegian livestream legends to create a Viking raid of a livestream you’ve never seen the likes of. Tanks are juggernauts created by man that cannot be fucking stopped. Fascinating and terrifying to look at in the same breath’ Sam Matlock. Will there be drones? Maybe. Will there be pyro? Possibly. Will the whole thing end in flames and a bang? Who knows! Expect the unexpected. Don’t miss out.

Livestream will be available by clicking here!

After touring with Enter Shikari and Limp Bizkit at the end of 2022 and into 2023, Wargasm recently supported Corey Taylor on his US tour before heading out with BabyMetal on their European tour late last year, and then swiping through all of Europe’s festivals this summer.

Wargasm are the climax of an orgy between heavy metal, electronic, rave, alternative, and industrial powered up by the friction of two gleefully insane creative insurgents Milkie Way and Sam Matlock. They honed a vital and visceral vision across early bangers such as “Spit.,” “Rage All Over,” “Salma Hayek,” and “Scratchcard Feeling,” paving the way for 2022’s “Explicit: The Mixxxtape.” Beyond reeling in over 10 million streams and counting, the latter incited the applause of PAPER Magazine, Revolver Magazine, and more as well as earning the endorsement of icons such as Jonathan Davis of Korn and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit who personally tapped the band to open a 2022 North American arena tour. They stand out as the rare force of nature who could hold their own on tour with either Yungblud or Corey Taylor of Slipknot.
Plus, they’ve graced the covers of Alternative Press and KERRANG! in addition to garnering the first-ever “New Noise Award” at the 2022 KERRANG! Awards. However, everything simply set the stage for their 2023 full-length debut album, “Venom”. The duo deliver a shockingly catchy blast of horny and hypnotic heavy music as unpredictable as it is uncompromising. Its lineage can be traced to the big-screen genre-mashing of the nineties, yet it’s spiked with a 21st-century fury that could only belong to Wargasm. You’ve been warned by singles “Bang Ya Head” [feat. Fred Durst] and “Do It So Good.” Rock music won’t be the same, and thank FUCKING God for that.

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