Wake The Nations is set to release their third studio album in September – check out the first single

Author Benedetta Baldin - 2.5.2024

Finnish melodic hard rock / AOR band Wake The Nations is back! The previous album “Heartrock” was released in 2019 via German AOR Heaven. The upcoming third album “Heartageddon” will be released on September 13th 2024 via Inverse Records. The Finnish label also released the band’s sold-out debut album “Sign of Heart” back in 2015. 

The first single ‘Alive‘ from the forthcoming album is released today and a rather personal music video has also been made for the band, replacing the guys with women. You’ll have to check it out here:   

Storyline behind the song takes us back all the way to 2016, when the first lines were written. Based on a true story including bungee-jumps, rollercoaster-like-emotions, and love (of course… what did you expect from a WTN song…mf´s). Like our drummer Tuomas said: “We really are in a good position as a band, because Gekko’s style of writing lyrics and Risto’s way of creating tunes is a match made in heaven.” Alive tries to answer the question, should one drive pedal to the metal all the time or hit the brakes at least in the curves?!?

Wake The Nations

Listen to “Alive” on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/wtn-alive 

Pre-Order “Heartageddon” CD.

Track list: 
01. Alive
02. Don’t Call Me Tonight
03. Never Say
04. Bulletproof
05. Wheel Of Fortune
06. Lifesaver
07. Seven
08. Crossroads Of Love
09. I Can Take It All
10. The Shadows
11. Cowboyz & Call Girlz
12. Hey
13. Street Of Fire

Album cover by Janne Granfors

Krister Stenbom (vocals)
Risto Tuominen (guitar)
Janne “Gekko” Granfors (bass)
Tuomas Pelli (drums)