Void Of Vision release the video for “Gamma Knife”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 13.6.2024

The cover of Void Of Vision‘s upcoming studio album, “What I’ll Leave Behind,” has been revealed. The song “Gamma Knife” is now released ahead of that record, which is scheduled to be released on September 20 through UNFD. The Australian metalcore band’s most recent song has a music video available here.

‘Gamma Knife‘ is about my near death experience and the desire for clarity in the aftermath. To truly discover if everything I went through in the healing process would change me and everything around me for the better. I felt like the idea of going through radiosurgery figuratively felt like it was not only destroying the malformation in my brain but also a negative version of myself I needed to leave in the past. Jack Bergin

The aforementioned near-death experience was caused by a brain AVM he had back in early 2023. Speaking today about that episode and how it affected this record, he stated:

The album is a reflection, on and of everything; coming to terms with life and mortality, finding inner peace from within the impact crater. Jack Bergin


01. “Oblivion”
02. “Blood For Blood”
03. “Supernova”
04. “Neurotic”
05. “Gamma Knife”
06. “Beautiful Things”
07. “Empty”
08. “Midnight Sweat”
09. “Decades”
10. “Angel of Darkness”

Pre-order here: vov.lnk.to/WhatIllLeaveBehind