“Visiting in Helsinki was very rewarding” – interview with Aaron Sadrin of Heartlay

Author Päivi Närvänen - 15.1.2024

A visionary unit that blends contemporary metal with alternative subgenres, striking imagery and cathartic lyricism, Heartlay makes music that is as inventive as it is haunting. Chaoszine reached out Heartlay’s singer-songwriter Aaron Sadrin via e-mail and asked some questions about the band and it’s future plans. You can read to Aaron’s answers in full below.

Hi Aaron! Could you at first tell me some basic information about your band?

We’re basically a band playing heavy and melodic music, commonly labelled metal, mixed with electronics and expressive visual elements. So far we have put out four studio albums and also play live everywhere, always ready to put a stage on fire.

How long have you been together? Has there been any changes in Heartlay’s line-up?

The band has been existing for nine years now including its earliest entity. Although I tend to consider its foundation to have occurred in 2017 when proper debut album “Close To Collapse” came out. A few line-up changes occurred over time but I always reminded the sole songwriter.

Could you tell me something about your influences in music? Do you all share same favourite bands?

It’s fair to say that we pretty much have the same musical inspirations. A lot of 90’s and 2000’s metal overall – nu metal, industrial metal, metalcore, you name it – but combined with a modern approach that include more current inspirations. We also have a love for electronic music in general, but mostly for electronica and new wave, and it plays a huge role in the songwriting as well.

I heard that you visited in Finland last autumn. Was it Heartlay’s first time here? How you ended up in Helsinki?

Yes it was our first time there. We heard about the Hellsinki Industrial Festival around a year ago and had the opportunity get booked by the festival quickly after.

What are your feelings about Finland? Is there any plans to come again in Helsinki or somewhere else – maybe summer festivals?

It was a really good time for us, playing there for the first time to such an excited crowd and visiting this beautiful city was very rewarding, we’d love to come back as soon as we can. For now we have a few shows planned for the UK in spring and we’re also gonna play at France’s Kave Fest in June.

Heartlay’s latest full-lenght album ”Sovereign Sore” came out last year. Could you tell me something about the album? Was the whole process easy-going?

This album was a long time project for me as I’ve always been willing to make a very thick, agressive, straightforward album that would be a little different from the others in the band discography. The album was given rise to in the intimacy of my studio, taking roots from introspection just like always.

And what about Heartlay’s future?

Lots of new songs are in the pipeline for next year, and many other things that we will unveil soon.

Thanks for your time Aaron! Would you like to send some greetings to Chaoszine’s readers?

Thank you all for the love and support!

You can listen to Heartlay’s latest “Sovereign Sore” album in full below: