Photo by AJ Johansson

Ville Valo still going through “honeymoon phase” with his solo band

Author Flavia Andrade - 14.8.2023

In a recent interview with Magenta Musik at this year’s “Wacken Open Air” festival in Germany, former HIM frontman Ville Valo was asked about what personality traits he values the most in the people around him, especially those he shares the stage with, to which he responded:

I think we’re still going through this honeymoon phase. The band is pretty new and we only started touring earlier this year, so we’re still beginning to know each other, which is, I find, very endearing. So it’s not yet come to the level of knowing in the dark bus by the smell of a fart who it is, because that eventually happens, because you can’t avoid it.

A lot of times being in a band and touring is way closer than having a relationship with a girlfriend or so forth. It’s because you’re smelly and you’re sweaty and you’re tired and you’re all those things that you try to avoid in your normal life — all that stuff gets seen on a tour bus. So it’s quite special. You get really close to people. But I think in general patience is a virtue, especially when in a rock band.

Valo‘s backing band is comprised of Mikko Virta on guitar, Risto Rikala on drums, Sampo Sundström on guitar and Juho Vehmanen on bass.