Unyielding Brilliance: Skeletal Remains’ ‘Fragments of the Ageless’

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 10.3.2024

Fragments of the Ageless,” Skeletal Remains’ newest addition to their discography, is a relentless onslaught of straightforward, in-your-face death metal.

Same modus operandi: adding intricate riffs, dual guitar leads, relentless blast beats, and low guttural vocals to mimic the ever-iconic “Morrisound death metal” sound, pushing the envelope further, and establishing their own signature and style.

“Straightforward” is indeed the expression best used to describe the American death metal outlet. Not much fooling around, just the power of distortion and the might of the double bass to seamlessly glide through a spotless album, where there are no fillers.

A strong album through and through, but you could close your eyes and interchange any track from this album with any of its four predecessors, and you wouldn’t notice a thing. That might be an inherent trait of a genre that’s already been squeezed out of all its juice, rather than a lack of creativity from a band.

This remains nonetheless a very strong release, and a band to look out for during the festival season, as they do deliver the most fist-clenching death metal.