Unshine publishes highly anticipated fifth album “Karn of Burnings” and a new lyric video

Author Benedetta Baldin - 22.3.2024

Finnish druid metal band Unshine is celebrating the release of their fifth full-length “Karn of Burnings” on Rockshots Records with their new lyric video for the single Aettarfylgja, which can be seen and heard at 

Guitarist Harri Hautala adds about the track:

“The core idea, the copper mountain from which the world tree grows, behind ‘Karn of Burnings’ came from a Bronze Age burial ground I visited two years ago. This visit largely changed my view of the world from a historical and especially ancestral perspective. ‘Aettarfylgja’ paints a picture of the people of that era. Lots of music in a small space.”

Unshine’s new album, “Karn of Burnings” assures an enthralling voyage delving into the realms of pre-modern human existence and posthuman metaphors, characterized by their signature blend of melodic Nordic folk elements and the ethereal vocals of Susanna Vesilahti. With eight tracks, each representing a living entity from different eras, the album spans 45 minutes of melodic storytelling. Unshine believes that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the album’s offerings, promising a unique and unpredictable listening experience.

Fans and enthusiasts worldwide are encouraged to experience the ritualistic journey of “Karn of Burnings” now available as of March 22, 2024, from Rockshots Records. It is recommended for fans of Amorphis, The Gathering, and Skálmöld.

ALBUM ORDER – https://bit.ly/KarnOfBurningsCD
LISTEN – ​https://unshine.lnk.to/KarnOfBurnings

Track Listing:

1. Hjul 
2. Arrival of Aurochs 
3. Sakraali Elementaali 
4. Mill of Bergelmir 
5. Maa Jälkeen Ihmisen 
6. Aettarfylgja 
7. Tara 
8. Lennä Toive 
 Unshine are:
HARRI HAUTALA – guitar and keys