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Unpredictable & exciting hard rock from India: Interview with Girish and The Chronicles

Author Annija Raga - 7.3.2022

Hard rock with a sip of 80s heavy metal, instrumental progressive metal sections, powerful vocals and not just wild guitar solos, but also unexpected bass guitar solos? Yes, please! A band from India, Sikkim, Girish and The Chronicles, has made their Frontiers debut and released their overall third studio album “Hail to the Heroes”.

The band already made a statement with their second album “Rock the Highway”, and now “Hail to the Heroes” comes with 12 new, even more impressive tracks. The title track, arena-anthem-sounding single “Hail to the Heroes”, gained a lot of attention all around the globe, and now hard rock fans can listen to the album in it’s full glory. The album is produced by the musicians themselves, and the mixing & mastering is done by their own bass player Yogesh Pradhan. The album also features a collaboration with Chris Adler (Lamb of God, Megadeth), Rowan Robertson and Myrone.

The band’s singer, Girish Pradhan, told Chaoszine how he found his way to rock n’ roll, got in more detail about the songs of “Hail to the Heroes”, talked about song writing, recording process and other topics. You can watch the interview below:

Girish and The Chronicles is:

Girish Pradhan – vocals / rhythm guitars

Yogesh Pradhan – bass / keys / primary music producer

Suraz Sun – lead guitars

Nagen Nags – drums

Facebook: girishandthechronicles

Instagram: @girishandthechronicles