Underoath released their new song “Cycle” featuring Ghostemane

Author Samuel Järvinen - 28.10.2021

US metalcore band Underoath just released a new song called “Cycle“. The track features a guest appearance from rapper Ghostemane, who is known for his mix of modern hip hop and metal elements.

“When we were writing ‘Cycle’, I knew that I wanted to have a feature on the bridge. I wanted something abstract, and ideally in the hip-hop genre. I heard a cadence that wasn’t natural to our band. Ghostemane came up in convo, and we all loved the idea”, says guitarist Tim McTague and continues:

“I had been listening to him for a minute, and the connection between Underoath / Lil Peep put me on to the south Florida squad like Pouya, Ghostemane and Lil Peep (RIP). We tried to get a hold of him for weeks, And one day Aaron called me and said that Ghostemane randomly Instagramed him to tell him that he appreciated what we do, and Aaron replied back that we were trying to get a hold of him to be on a track on the new album.”

“The floodgates opened, all the managers and artists started connecting and I sent his manager the song, and a week or so later we got what was stated as ‘I did a ton and threw the sink at it, let me know your thoughts.’ We listened to the first thing he sent, and just said “that is it”.

“I don’t think any of us knew what we were looking for in the feature, but when I heard the take, lyrics and energy we were like ‘oh shit. This is perfect.’”

The band’s new album “Voyerist” will be released on 14 January.

Listen to the previous single “Pneumonia” here.

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